Piasecki H-21 'Flying Banana' FR41 arrived on 1st February 2016 from Centre d’Etudes et de Loisirs Aerospatiaux in Grenoble, France. Built in the USA in 1956, it had served in the French Army in the Algeria. It was transported in two - front and back sections. Refurbishment started in April 2019. Details & pictures  
A single-seat kit-built Barnett J4B gyroplane,
G-BWCW, PFA c/n G/14-1256, donated by Mike and Nick Smart, was delivered to The Museum, from Farley Farm Airstrip, in Hampshire, by John Phillips on 28th October 2015. Original blades were included but no engine was installed. Refurbished from January 2016 and now on display. Details & pictures
An unmanned, remotely-controlled, Gyrodyne QH-50D surveillance & anti-submarine drone helicopter, DS-1482, used by the United States Navy in the 1960s, was delivered to The Museum on 2nd October 2014 following shipment from California. Details & picture  
Cricket single-seat gyrocopter, G-BYMP, with P.F.A. serial G/03-1265, donated with G-AXRA, (below) was brought to The Museum on 16th January 2014. Kit-built by James Fitzgerald, in Northern Ireland, in 1999 and acquired by the donor in 2011. Details & picture  
A single-seat Campbell Cricket gyrocopter, G-AXRA, was donated and brought to The Museum on 4th October 2013. Built in 1970 it was originally owned by an American academic living in Essex and was de-registered in 1990. Placed on public display from September 2016. Details & picture.  
The single-seat 'Wombat' prototype gyrocopter, G-WBAT, built and developed in Cornwall by the late Chris Julian, between 1991 and 1997, was delivered on 9th July 2013. It was donated to The Museum by Mark Harrisson. Details & pictures.  
Three scale models of the unique Fairey Rotodyne compound helicopter, from the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, were put on display at The Museum on 6th December 2012. They represent the early 1952 proposal, the final "Z" version of 1960 and the prototype as built and flown between 1957 and 1961. Details & picture.  
An Agusta-Bell AB-206C, MM80927, c/n 9151, JetRanger, CC-49, previously operated by the Italian Carabinieri, was delivered to The Museum on 1st May 2012 and immediately placed on public display.
Details & pictures
A Ferranti Seaspray Mk1 surveillance and tracking radar system, as used in the Royal Navy's Lynx HAS.2 and donated by SELEX Galileo, the inheritors of the Ferranti operation in Edinburgh, arrived at The Museum on 14th December 2011.
Details & pictures.
Fairey Ultra-Light, G-AOUJ / XJ928, returned to The Museum on 3rd November 2010 after 15 years with the Cotswold Aviation Restoration Group, in Gloucestershire.
Details & pictures.
Fairey Ultra-Light G-AOUJ
AgustaWestland A109A MkII, MM81205, GdiF-128, used by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, (Financial Police), was delivered to The Museum on 6th October 2010.
Details & pictures.
A109GdiF, MM81205, 128
Russian-built  multi-purpose, twin-turbine, passenger transport helicopter Mil Mi-8P, Serial 618,  built in 1972 for the Polish Air Force, arrived at The Museum on 5th February 2010.
Details & pictures
Polish Mil Mi-8P, 618
Landing gear components from the giant Boeing Vertol XCH-62 Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLH), scrapped in 2005, 30 years after cancellation of the project, arrived in 2008. Details & pictures  
Boeing XCH-62 Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLH)
McCulloch J-2 autogyro, G-ORVB, was received at The Museum on December 21st 2008. Designed by D.K.Jovanovich, it was built in 1971 with a 3-bladed rotor, a wooden pusher propeller and a Lycoming 180 hp, 0-360, engine.
Details and pictures
Built in the UK, from a design by Igor Bensen, this B-8M gyrocopter, G-BIGP, was brought to The Museum on 10th May 2008. Powered by a 4-cylinder, 2-stroke McCulloch engine, it was first registered in 1980.
Details and pictures
Bensen B-8M, G-BIGP
Belgian Sud Aviation Alouette II, SA 318C, A41, built in France in 1967, is powered by a Turbomeca Aztazou 11A turboshaft engine. It was received  from the Brussels Military Museum on 19th February 2008, in exchange for Bristol 171 Sycamore Mk.14, XG547.
Details and pictures
Sud Aviation Alouette SA 318C, A-41
Air & Space 18A gyroplane, G-BVWL, a tandem two-seat autogyro, was built in 1966, in Muncie, Indiana, to a design inspired by Raymond Umbaugh. It was delivered to The Museum on 21st November 2007.
History and pictures
Air & Space 18A Gyroplane
Bristol Sycamore HR.14, XL829, built in Weston-super-Mare in 1957 was one of the last to be retired from the RAF, in 1971, after service in the Middle East and the UK. It arrived at The Museum on 17th October 2007.
History and pictures. 
Bristol Sycamore HR.14,  XL829, in Bristol's Industrial Museum 2006 before moving to The Helicopter Museum in 2007
MBB/Bolkow Bo-105M, 81+00, a German army liaison helicopter, was built in 1984 and served in the Heeresflieger until 2002. It arrived at the Museum on 4th May 2007.
History and pictures
MBB Bo.105M, 81+00  --  click for history and pictures
Husband Modac 500 Hornet Gyroplane. Built as a private venture, between 1997-2003, this light autogyro was never fully developed. It was received by the Museum in November 2004
History and pictures.
Husband Modac 500 Gyroplane - click for details and pictures
Westland Wessex, HAS.3, XM328, built in 1959 for anti-submarine duties, arrived on 12th May 2004. Extensively restored by THM volunteers it went on public display in 2016.
History and pictures.
Wessex HAS.3   XM328  --  Click for details and pictures
Westland Wessex HU.5 XS486, an ex-Royal Navy assault/training helicopter, was delivered in March 2004.
History and pictures.
Wessex HU.5, XS486  -  Click for history and pictures
Brantly B.2B Helicopter, G-ATFG, a reconstruction using parts from two other Brantlys, arrived on 21st January 2004.
History and pictures.
Brantly B.2B  G-ATFG -- Click for details and pictures
Bensen B-8B Gyro-Boat. This un-powered flying dinghy, for towing behind a motorboat, arrived on 19th October 2003.
History and pictures.
Bensen Gyro-Boat - Click for details and pictures.
SA365N Dauphin 2, F-WQAP, former fly-by-wire trials helicopter, arrived on 2nd March 2003.
History and pictures.
Dauphin F-WQAP - Click for details and pictures.
Robinson R22HP Helicopter, G-OTED, arrived on 28th February 2002.
Details and pictures.
Robinson R22HP - Click for details and pictures
Westland Wessex Helicopter, XV733, formerly of The Queen's Flight, arrived on 15th November 2001.
History and pictures.
Royal Wessex - Click for details and pictures
Westland Lynx 3, ZE477, was planned as a ground attack helicopter and first flew in June 1984. This sole example was donated to The Museum in June 1989.
Details and pictures.