The Helicopter Museum

The Helicopter Museum, located near Weston-super-Mare in South West England, is the world's largest dedicated rotorcraft museum. The Museum is an award winner heritage site for Vertical Flight, and is popular with visitors recently being awarded a TripAdvisors Travellers Choice 2021 Certificate of Excellence.

If you are planning to visit the Museum please see website which provides details of opening times, ticket prices and events.

Over 100 exhibits of helicopters and autogyros featuring some of the world’s most famous helicopters from the earliest 1930s Hafner and Cierva machines to the Queen's Royal Flight helicopters, Vietnam era Bell UH-1H 'Huey', G-LYNX Helicopter World Speed Record Holder, Russian Hind Gunship, military and commercial transport and Search and Rescue Helicopters

The Museum carries out restoration and conservation of historic aircraft and has an extensive archive collection of related manuals and documents. It is noted for its friendly atmosphere and the interaction between the volunteers and visitors to the collection.

What is this Website for? This site is aimed at helicopter enthusiasts, visitors and past and present friends of the museum. It aims to supply readers with up-to-date news of activities as well as frequent looks at recent happenings, with an emphasis on helicopter restoration and conservation at the Museum. The site is also intended to appeal to a wider audience to keep in touch on a regular basis and who may then be ready to join the our team of volunteers.

Latest Exhibit arrivals

40th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict

Helicopter Museum Exhibits

History and descriptions of all our helicopters and autogyros on display here at The Helicopter Museum. They cover the early days of helicopter pioneers, to past and present civil and military helicopters from around the world.

Museum News

Latest exhibits, restorations, visits, awards, arrivals. News and Press Releases to keep you up to date with what's happening at The Helicopter Museum.

Restoration and Conservation

Photos and information on our current and recent helicopter restoration and conservation projects here at the Museum. Updates on the current H-21 'Flying Banana' restoration project and the recently completed Fairey Ultra Light.

Museum Archives

Volunteers catalogue our archive of rotorcraft manuals, drawings, books, magazines, brochures, artefacts, film, photos etc collected over many years.

Flying Visitors

Latest Photos of flying visitors to The Helicopter Museum. Visiting military and commercial helicopters regular fly into our helipad.

Exhibit Arrivals

Featured recent and past collection arrivals at The Helicopter Museum.