Cierva Grasshopper III

Registration: G-AXFM
Country of origin: UK
Built: Redhill, Surrey, UK, 1969
Manufacturer: Cierva Rotorcraft
Constructor's Number: GB-2
Engine: Two 135hp Rolls-Royce Continental O-300 piston engines

Type: Experimental 5 seat coxial helicopter

Note: This is the 2nd pre-production Grasshopper III built.

Details: The Grasshopper III had two engines, advanced composite construction and coaxial main rotors requiring no tail rotor. The fuselage was an early example of modular, composite construction.

Only three Grasshopper III helicopters (G-AWRP, G-AXFM and G-AZAU) were built and all are here at the Helicopter Museum. The first G-AWRP has been restored and is on display in the Museum. G-AXFM was the 2nd pre-production machine.

Development was eventually abandoned in 1975 due to lack of further financial backing.