Pilots Information

Helicopters are welcome to fly in to the Museum.

N 51° 20' 20.13" W 002° 55' 57.17" 17ft. AMSL

Pilots MUST read this Airfield Information and contact the museum
to advise your ETA Tel. 01934-635227

Op hrs: 10:00 to 16:30 daily (Wednesday to Sunday)
Other times by request


  • Operated by The Helicopter Museum
  • Main aerodrome closed
  • Northerly variable over aerodrome
  • Possible bird hazard: Due to rainwater holding ponds located on the South West departure path and immediately west of the caravan park
  • Avoid over flying caravan park and village on SE boundary
  • 2m fence surrounds the landing area
  • Flags/windsock adjacent

Landing Fee: Museum entry charge per person

Food: Hot and cold snack facilities available

Landing Sites

- Primary HLS-A
1 acre grass landing area West side of Museum main buildings, Identified by White "H"

- Secondary HLS-B
Hard tarmac landing area North side of Museum main buildings, adjacent to white Control tower

HLS-A should always to be used unless otherwise advised by the museum

The following photos indicate Helicopter Landing Sites (HLS) A & B Helicopter Museum Landing Sites

The following photo shows Primary Helicopter Landing Site A Helicopter Museum Helipad A

The following photo shows Secondary Helicopter Landing Site B Helicopter Museum Helipad B