Westland Wessex HAS.3

Registration: XS149
Country of origin: UK
Built: Yeovil, England, 1963
Manufacturer: Westland Helicopters
Constructor's Number: WA/108
Engine: One 1600shp Napier Gazelle 161 turboshaft engine

Type: Anti-submarine warfare helicopter

Note: Converted from HAS.1 to HAS.3 in 1969. Served on HMS Fife and HMS Devonshire in the 1970s.

Details: Built as a Wessex HAS.1. First flew on 19th September 1963. Delivered to the Royal Navy 18th October 1963.

Served with 845 Sqn and 530 Sqn as HAS.1 before being converted to HAS.3. On HMS Fife in October 1970 and HMS Devonshire in 1972. With 737 Sqn in 1980.

Located at Plessey Naval System in Templecombe in 1985. Arrived at the Helicopter Museum from RNEC Manadon in May 1987.

The Museum has restored Wessex HAS.3 XM328 which is on display in the Main Collection.