Westland WG-30 Series 160

Westland WG-30 Series 160 N114WG/G-EFIS/G-17-18

Registration: N114WG/G-EFIS/G-17-18
Country of origin: UK
Built: Yeovil, England, 1984
Manufacturer: Westland Helicopters
Constructor's Number: 14
Engine: Two 1260 shp Rolls-Royce Gem 60-3 turboshaft engines

Type: Civil transport helicopter

Note: Operated by Airspur on shuttle services between Orange County's John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. Located in the children's playground outside the Helicopter Museum.

Details: The WG-30 was a concerted effort by Westland to enter the civil helicopter market, using the engines and rotor system of the Lynx to save development costs, married to a new boxy fuselage able to carry 17-20 passengers.

Production of 40 aircraft was initiated, but high operating costs, a lack of power and short range made the design unattractive. This led to a serious financial and political crisis, known as the 'Westland Affair' in 1985-86, before production was abandoned in 1988.

In the United States, Airspur Helicopters Inc. acquired four Westland 30s including NG114WG on lease to operate scheduled shuttle service between Orange County's John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, beginning on 9 May 1983. Omniflight Helicopter Services operated the type on behalf of Pan American World Airways, linking John F. Kennedy International Airport with Pan Am's heliport at East 60th Street in central Manhattan. Services ceased on 1 February 1988 and the helicopters were returned to Westland the UK.

N114WG is on display outside The Helicopter Museum in Airspur colours at part of the children's playground.

Max Speed: 222 kmh/138 mph
Empty Weight: 3167 kg/ (6982 lb)
Range: 750 km (466 miles)
Capacity/Load: 21 persons / 2435 kg (5368 lb)
Power: 2x 940 kW (1,260 shp) Rolls-Royce Gem 60-3 turboshaft engines